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Hi, I'm Stephanie but you can call me Steph


You’re here so that means you are probably interested in my work and want to know more about me, and that is amazing. I’ve been photographing since 2020 but in these few short years, I’ve learned what really drives this passion of mine and makes me truly love what I do. To put it simply, I love, love. I love couples that are crazy about each other. I love that every couple is different in a way that is unique to only them. Most of all, I love couples that simply do not care to be "picture perfect". The couples that don’t care when their hair is flowing in their face because of the wind. The ones that don’t care when their makeup is ruined from the tear stains running down their face during their wedding day because all they see is their lover in front of them. When you worry less about how you look in photos and put your complete trust in me, that's when the magic happens. I want to photograph people who are down to form a genuine connection and be able to show me their vulnerability, to completely trust me. That is what fuels my inspiration and creativity. It allows me in turn to be completely comfortable with you. If you’re just shopping around to try and get the best deal or randomly picking a photographer just to get quick photos for your yearly holiday cards, we might not be the best fit for each other. If you are wanting staged, posed, and looking at the camera type photos, you won’t find that with me. You’re going to be constantly moving, laughing, and focused on each other the entire time. That is what I love. When you’re less focused on me, and more on each other, that is when your honest and purest love appears and I love that shit. I value human connection and all I hope for is that we can build a friendship that goes deeper than just a client-vendor based relationship. I am not going to convince you to choose me as your photographer, I want you to figure out on your own that you want me. Even better if you feel like you need me to capture your love. To capture the most intimate moments in your lives. The moments in-between, the moments you wouldn’t even remember if it weren’t for the physical reminder you now have in the form of photographs. I want you to remember the way you felt during our session, the way you looked at each other, how happy you are together. I want to preserve those special moments for you. I promise, you’re not awkward and you’re not unphotogenic. Most importantly, I promise that you won’t be feeling that way after our experience together. If you’re down to become best friends, i’m ready for ya

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February - San Jose | San Francisco

april - arkansas

May - Kansas City

July - Kansas City | Portland, Or | Pensacola, FL

November - hawaii


January - hawaii

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Bali, Indonesia
Tulum, Mexico
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Portland, Oregon
New Zealand

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